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Market Analysis

Market Data Analysis

In depth analysis of the sales data of the entire platform, quickly understand the market trend, mining potential industry categories

Product Analysis

Hot Product Analysis

View the list of best-selling products in different categories to understand market demand and help you choose products

Store Analysis

Store Ranking Analysis

Look at the top list of skyrocketing stores in different categories to quickly understand the reasons for the skyrocketing store assistants and the growth cycle of the store

Shopee Data Analysis

Shopee Big Data Click Search Keywords

The best data analysis tools for shopee

Many functions to help your shopee store increase sales

We look forward to it helping you sell your merchandise on shopee and increase your profits,There are multiple versions with different features

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$ 0 usd / 3 Days
Batch monitoring of 5 stores
Products Ranking of 1, 3, 5, 7, 9
Keywords analysis 5 times pr day
Don't support advertising analysis
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$ 80 usd / month
Batch monitoring of 10 stores
Products Ranking of 1, 3 ,5, 7, 9
Keywords analysis 5 times pr day
Don't support advertising analysis
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$ 300 usd / Year
Batch monitoring of 210 stores
Product Analysis Big data TOP200
Unlimited keywords analysis
Store advertising analysis
More 50+ functional services

Supports multiple types of browsers

Browser plugin for shopee data analysis

Supports core functions such as viewing massive Shopee product data, data trends, and searching for money by image, covering 9 major sites around the world, effectively improving operational efficiency

Tool on webchat mini program

The convenient tool on wechat mini program entry can be quickly

You can easily find it in the WeChat applet or scan this QR code to enter。

Price Calculator

Fast&secure pricing tools to analyze store products

Standard pricing, accurate calculation, automatic analysis, analytical profit margin

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